ISPACK: A FORTRAN library for scientific computing

Author: Keiichi Ishioka


This library (ISPACK) is a package of basic tools (Spectral transform, etc.) as subroutines, which are required mainly for computations of simple fluid equations. Because each subroutine is designed to be used independently, this library is not an integrated environment in which you can run numerical models without sufficient knowledge. How to combine and use these subroutines is up to users.

Download: ispack-3.2.2.tar.gz

License: see COPYRIGHT file.

Detail: see README file.

Paper: Ishioka, K. (2018): A New Recurrence Formula for Efficient Computation of Spherical Harmonic Transform, Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan, 96(2), 241-249.

Python interface (provided by Dr. Toshiki matsushima): see python.

Older version: ispack-2.1.3.tar.gz ispack-1.0.4.tar.gz

Still older version modified for Intel Mac
provided by Dr. Hiroki Kashimura: ispack-intelmac-0.96.tar.gz

(ISPACK version 3.0.0 (and after) is completely independent of ISPACK version 2.1.3 (and before). There is neither cross-reference nor namespace collision. ISPACK version 2.0.0 (and after) supports Intel Mac.)